Know him

They say it gets better
It’ll pass with time
Goddamn their words
God help my mind

Words, words, just words
They speak too often
Leave me here to worry
For the man in this coffin

I hear their whispers..
“He was so this, He was so that”
They have no idea
Who he was, in fact

If they knew him as I know him
They wouldn’t say those words
If they felt him as I feel him
They’d quiet their concerns

Had they taken the time I’m taking
To know the man we lost
Had they cared like I care
They would feel my love, my loss

But they cared without care
and he cared with his life
They view with such empty stares
Have they known true sacrifice

This man’s son, left orphan
Goddamn their mindless stares
He left us here mourning
Why, dear God, so unfair

But this life we live so freely
They hardly know the cost
He paid their price willingly
Now they hardly know our loss

I know this man before me
I know his heart, his smile
They mourn now his body,

I know his spirit, still, lasts a while.


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